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"On Belay" Coaching

Are you ready to be held in a brave and courageous

space as we co-create your future?

Since 2009, I’ve been honored to be partnering with clients as a Certified Master Coach specializing in creating a brave and courageous place for you to 'BE' and 'BECOME'. I intentionally selected "On Belay" as my business name because it is a beautiful metaphor for the relationship we will create together.

"On Belay" is a verbal covenant or contract used in rock climbing between the belayer and the climber. The belayer is fully present and grounded, holding the climber's safety rope and creating a brave and courageous space for the climber to set their own pace as they take risks to explore, learn, integrate and celebrate as they ascend to the goals they often thought were not possible.


This image depicts how I am fully present and grounded to support you on your personal journey. As a result of our coaching partnership, you will be able to show up fully, play big and celebrate at the summit.

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Your Belayer

As your coach/belayer I create a 'safe' space for you, the climber to BE, explore, learn, and take risks as you achieve your personal and professional goals. Think of coaching as both a challenge and a gift you give yourself.


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"I am truly grateful for my time and the coaching I received with T.C. I started working with T.C. at the beginning of my management career and have been sincerely blessed by her insight into the world of business and management as well as how to maintain a healthy work & life balance. My time with T.C. has made me a better professional and manager of people, and a better person overall. Thanks T.C.!"


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